LaVolta's Dance Awards
2020 - 2021 
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Happy Nominating


Good Luck!

Please ensure that you are only nominating those that have gone above and beyond during Lockdown 2020-2021.

Here is a list of this year's award categories. If you already know the categories you'll be entering, go straight to the entry form here.

Teacher of the Year - We are looking for fantastic dance teachers who deserve to be recognised. Is that you, or perhaps you would like to nominate a teacher at your school? Be sure to include any testimonials from parents and students!

School of the Year - Does your dance school stand out from the crowd? We are looking to honour the best dance schools around the world. It doesn't matter how big your dance school is, we want to hear about all of your successes!

Pupil of the Year - Do you have a pupil at your school that has achieved something amazing? Perhaps it's their dedication to turning up to every lesson (in-person and online), or maybe they've won countless awards. Nominate them for this award and give them the ultimate honour!

Dance Brand of the Year - We want to hear from all the dance brands out there - dance-wear, websites, flooring, classes, clubs and many more - nominate yourselves now!

Performance of the Year - Dance shows and competitions are the biggest events in our calendar. They require a lot of hard work from teachers and students alike, and often go without the praise they deserve. Let's face it, they've been even harder to organise whilst online. So tell us why yours was the best show - feel free to send us video clips and photos!

Giving Back Award - LaVolta Events Ltd. are well known for our charity work. Do you know a dance teacher, student or school that regularly gives back? This is for someone who continuously gives back (not just one off) and deserves recognition for everything they do. Make sure you give us full descriptions of their charity or community work.

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