Festival Rules

  1. Novice Competitors MUST NOT have received a First Place in the relevant dance genre.

  2. 1st place medals won in a Baby section, do not put a competitor in an Open Section when moving up to A.

  3. Open Competitors MUST have received a First Place in the relevant dance genre.

  4. Age is taken on the first day of the Dance Festival.

  5. Birth Certificates may be requested for proof of age.

  6. For Duets and Trios, age is determined by the oldest competitor.

  7. For Groups, age is determined by the oldest competitor (20% rule).

  1. Competitors may dance more than once in the Duet, Trio and Group Sections.

  2. Group dances must consist of 4 or more competitors.

  3. Pointe Work should only be danced by Competitors in an Open Section of the age group D and above – any competitors dancing Pointe Work in a Novice or lower age category will be disqualified.

  4. Sections may be combined if entries are low, however, novice sections WILL NOT be combined with an open section.

  5. Re-Dancing is only permitted in any Baby and Novice sections up to the age category B at the discretion of the Adjudicator and Festival Organiser.

  6. No dancing out of section is allowed.

  7. Strictly NO dancing or demonstrating to aid any competitor -if they are unable to dance without prompts then please do not enter them.

  8. The adjudicators decision is final.

  9. Music will be played by the Organiser’s team on CD only and must be handed in no later than two sections before the competitor is due to dance – please speak to us beforehand if you have any special requirements (this may change due to covid regulations).

  10. All CD’s should be clearly labelled with competitors Name, Section and Dance School name.