Festival Rules

  1. Novice Competitors MUST NOT have received a First Place in the relevant dance genre.

  2. 1st place medals won in a Baby section, do not put a competitor in an Open Section when moving up to A.

  3. Open Competitors MUST have received a First Place in the relevant dance genre.

  4. Once a competitor has placed 1st in a category, the dancer will remain in OPEN regardless of moving up age categories or receiving a new dance. New dances DO NOT mean a competitor moves back down to Novice.

  5. Age is taken on the first day of the Dance Festival.

  6. Birth Certificates may be requested for proof of age.

  7. For Duets and Trios, age is determined by the oldest competitor.

  8. For Groups, age is determined by the oldest competitor (20% rule).

  9. Competitors may dance more than once in the Duet, Trio and Group Sections.

  10. Group dances must consist of 5 or more competitors.

  11. Pointe Work should only be danced by Competitors in an Open Section of the age group D and above – any competitors dancing Pointe Work in a Novice or lower age category may be disqualified, this is at the adjudicator’s discretion. Please contact us prior to the competition if you have students dancing on Pointe in any Novice section age D or above.

  12. Sections may be combined if entries are low, however, novice sections WILL NOT be combined with an open section.

  13. Re-Dancing is only permitted in any Baby and Novice sections up to the age category B at the discretion of the Adjudicator and Festival Organiser.

  14. No dancing out of section is allowed.

  15. Strictly NO dancing or demonstrating to aid any competitor – if they are unable to dance without prompts then please do not enter them.

  16. In all age categories please ensure that the costume, movement and music is appropriate for the age of the entrant.

  17. Acrobatic work in Modern Jazz sections is should be minimal. Any dance containing too much of this style should be entered into the Acro section. Any entries that do not comply with the above will not be placed by the adjudicator.

  18. Backing vocals or pre-recorded vocals in either a Song & Dance or Vocal section are NOT permitted.

  19. The adjudicators decision is FINAL.

  20. Final Entries MUST NOT exceed more than 20% of the entries stated on your booking form, unless discussed with us prior.
  21. Eating and drinking in the changing rooms is NOT allowed.

  22. Teachers are responsible for their students and parents/guardians/carers behaviour at all times. The teacher(s) is responsible for checking the dressing rooms to ensure everything is in order before leaving the premises.

  23. No personal jewellery is allowed with the exception of medical items.

  1. Music will be played by the Organiser’s team on PLAYLIST only and must be sent to the Festival Organiser via WETRANSFER a minimum of TWO WEEKS before the competition – please speak to us beforehand if you have any special requirements.

  2. All MUSIC TRANSFERS should be clearly labelled with competitors Name, Section and Dance School name. We take no responsibility for any issues with music that is sent to us – please ensure that you bring back ups with you.

  3. All competitors compete at their own risk.

  4. The Organiser reserves the right to change, alter or combine parts of the programme as necessary.

  5. The Festival can offer no guarantee as to the day or time at which a section will be presented, once the final programme has been scheduled, this MUST be adhered to.

  6. The running order will not be changed. Should candidates fail to appear at their specified time their entry could be forfeited.

  7. Competitors are required to be at the competition at least one hour before their section is due to perform, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are checking our Facebook Page for regular updates as we are known for running early.

  8. Teachers must ensure that any student who is likely to receive a trophy or award is present at the presentation, or that someone is happy to collect on their behalf. In the case of the winner not being present the teacher will be charged postage if they wish for the trophy to be posted to them/the dancer. Collection may be arranged subject to circumstances.

  9. Parents/guardian/carers will be responsible for their own children and children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Any child found on their own will be escorted back to their parent/guardian/carer.

  10. No responsibility will be taken for any loss of goods or personal possessions — please make sure that your items are clearly labelled and not left unattended.

  11. All payments made for any Personalised Items ordered will be NON Refundable.

  1. Solo Routines have a time limit of 2 minutes with an extra 30 seconds allowed for Song and Dance sections.

  2. Duet Routines have a time limit of 2.5 minutes with an extra 30 seconds allowed for Cabaret sections.

  3. Trio Routines have a time limit of 2.5 minutes with an extra 30 seconds allowed for Cabaret sections.

  4. Groups have a time limit of 4/5 minutes.

  1. Absolutely no Dance Teachers, Chaperones or Parents are allowed back stage – only members of the Festival Team are permitted backstage due to our local licensing regulations, therefore children must be left at the stage door and passed over to a member of our Licensed Chaperone Team for each section that they are entered in. Children MUST be collected at the stage door immediately after their section has taken place, children will not be permitted to leave the backstage area unless a parent/guardian/carer is present to collect them.

  2. Please be considerate of the venue and the festival staff and clean up anything left behind in the dressing rooms and theatre.

  3. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

  4. Circumstances beyond the control of LaVolta’s Dance Events such as: weather related issues, facility condition, and technical difficulties bears no responsibility to LaVolta’s Dance Events and no refunds will be given in these circumstances.

  5. Studios will be notified of the schedule approximately three/four weeks prior to the festival.

  6. No changes will be permitted once the final schedule has been sent out. Any changes regarding students moving from Novice to Open MUST be emailed over at least two weeks prior to the festival.

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